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Looking for a Windows NT solution to a particular business problem? 
Windows NT Magazine's Windows NT Solutions Directory has a large listing 
of different solutions by type of industry. You can find it at: 

A good amount of helpful links and tips and tricks for both Windows NT 
and Windows 95 can be found at Avant Systems site:

Some very helpful articles, as well as NT links, can be found atWindows 
Magazine's Windows NT page, at: 

Here's a site where you will spend hours sifting through many levels of 
categories of FAQs for Windows NT. There are so many I can't even list 
the top-level categories! The site is called Windows NT Frequently Asked 
Questions, and can be found at: 

"The Windows NT Resource" is a page which is constantly updated. It 
contains a large number of basic NT tips and tricks, plus tools and 
other resources. You can find it at: 

One of the best resources for Windows NT tricks and tips is The Windows
NT Tech Center at Beverly Hills Software. Point your browser
to: . Their tech center has a list of forums you
can access and post to, on a long list of subjects relating to Windows NT,
including Setup and Installation, TCP/IP Setup and Configuration,
File System, Remote Access, Hardware and Device Driver Support, and 4.0 Only.

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