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We see AutoCAD used in a lot of different
industries. And, no matter what the application,
there is always a productivity improvement
using AutoCAD over the old manual drafting
and design methods.
But what differs between the company that gets
only slight productivity improvements and the
company that gets incredible productivity
improvements? In my view, it can be narrowed
down to three areas.
Proper training is the number one reason why a
company will achieve higher productivity from
their AutoCAD investment. In fact, Autodesk
has commissioned independent studies (enduser
surveys) that conclude that, on average, a
company that properly trains their users will
achieve 42% higher productivity with
AutoCAD than a company that doesn’t.
Number two has to be the use of industry
specific third-party application packages. If
you are doing civil, mapping, GIS, facilities
management, process piping, mechanical or
architectural design without a third-party addon,
you are wasting time.
Number three is customization of AutoCAD
using AutoLISP or, soon, Visual Basic. Here is
where we get into what I call “hyperautomation”.
Imagine creating a drawing that
would normally take 30 hours, in just 30
seconds! I’ve personally written AutoLISP
routines to do just that.
The message here is that if you are using
AutoCAD straight out of the box, you are
probably missing a great amount of productivity
improvement. Make it your mission to
determine how you can optimize your
investment in AutoCAD by optimizing your