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CAD and the Internet
I first saw the World Wide Web back in January
of 1995. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was
big. Within a month or so, we had our own web
site. We put our newsletters on-line, and
eventually started e-mailing this newsletter as a
faster, more efficient, better quality and less
costly method of newsletter distribution. We
provided AutoCAD tips and links to other
AutoCAD related sites. And we have continued
to provide these features to this day.
But now the Internet is progressing from a
marketing presence for companies, to a place
where companies can actually transact business
(e-business) and – for AutoCAD users –
collaborate on projects. And Automated Design
Systems is right there to help your company
make this transition.
We have expertise through our parent company, Inc., to, say, e-commerce
enable a manufacturer’s parts department.
With the Autodesk DWF (drawing web format)
viewer, you can put your drawings on the web.
Or we can work with Autodesk’s MapGuide to
web-enable your geographically-based drawings
(street maps, facilities drawings, etc.), complete
with database links so that the drawings are
displayed with the database’s intelligence.
And with, Autodesk is getting in
on the e-business action too – allowing users to
set up a web-site for design collaboration.
So if you are considering web-enabling your
business or CAD department, give your local
Automated Design Systems rep a call!