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Training makes the
It is totally unscientific and not a statisticallysignificant
sample size. But, it is interesting to
note the results from our AutoCAD 2002 quiz
that we put on-line last month at
Number of people taking the quiz: 58
Average score (out of 10): 5.8
Number of 10/10 scores: 3
I noticed that the names I recognized as
Automated Design Systems training clients were
all in the higher end of the scale – 7 or higher.
Certainly, not everyone needs a formal training
course. There are some people who take it
upon themselves to read through all of the online
documentation, go through all of the help
files, practice the concepts that are discussed,
and even purchase additional books in order to
increase their knowledge of this software.
But for those who want to get up to speed
quickly, a formal training course is really the only
way to go. We get rave reviews from people
who take our courses and realize that they are
much more productive and know how to get the
most out of the software because of the training
they received.
AutoCAD, and the various flavours thereof, is
not like a word processor where you can just
install it on someone’s system and if they can
type, they can create a document. AutoCAD is
a complex and vast software package with lots
of powerful features – features that, without
proper training, many users will never discover.
Visit to take your quiz today
to see if an AutoCAD 2002 Update course would
help you to be more productive!