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Year-end Housekeeping
About 6,000 people in Ontario receive this
newsletter every month. And, it is time to do
some year-end housekeeping to our newsletter
distribution database.
We can now email the newsletter to you in a
PDF format. You need Adobe Acrobat to read
the emailed version (available free from
The primary advantage to the emailed version is
that you get it quickly – literally hours after the
final spell check is done! And, Acrobat allows
you to easily print copies for other members of
your design department exactly as the printed
version looks. Or you can just email them the
PDF file.
The disadvantage of the emailed version is the
“out of sight, out of mind” problem. It is very
easy to not look at emails, especially when you
are swamped. So you may miss a valuable tip
or new product announcement. My suggestion:
print a hard copy as soon as you receive it.
The fax ed version of our newsletter is the next
fastest way to receive the information. We
have three computers faxing within hours of the
newsletter being complete, but it takes between
7 and 10 days to get all of the faxes out.
Finally, good old “reliable” snail mail gets you
a printed copy. But by the time we get the
newsletters printed, folded, stuffed into
envelopes, labels on the envelopes, and then
sent through the bulk mail system you are
looking at about 2 to 3 weeks to get the “news”.
So, if you would prefer to receive it by some
other medium, please complete the form above
and fax it to (905) 662-4842, or email Christine
Lavigne at