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The new education
How a couple of years can change things. The
previous provincial government had a program
called Jobs Ontario Training. Before that there was
the Ontario Skills Development Program. The
federal government has also had a range of programs
for subsidizing training, none of which is widely
used today. Today, the reality is that there is little
financial assistance for employee training.
But, rather than seeing the amount of training we
provide decrease with the demise of these assistance
programs, we are now doing more training than ever
Managers realize that with the fast pace of
technology change, the investment in their staff’s
ability to use their software and hardware tools to
the fullest is an excellent one.
The popular book Boom, Bust and Echo (David K.
Foot with Daniel Stoffman) advocates that “in a
knowledge-based economy, we need people who
know how to learn and who keep learning
throughout their working lives” and that relevant,
condensed courses are what is needed to effectively
educate the workforce. “Courses that have usually
been offered only over a semester of 13 weeks can
be compressed into 13 days for a different clientele”.
In the case of our AutoCAD courses, our R13
Fundamentals or AutoCAD LT for Windows 95
Professional courses are just 5 days, and there are
other 2- and 3-day courses available for AutoCAD
users to upgrade their skill set to take best advantage
of the software’s capabilities.
We work hard to ensure that relevant, high-quality
courses are offered so that our clients get the most
out their sizable investment in software and
hardware. We use excellent courseware from
Republic Research Training Centers of Virginia
which one of our clients recently described as “far
superior” to the many published books available and
easier than Autodesk’s own support material.
And our clients always evaluate the effectiveness of
each course we run, so that we can ensure that we
are teaching the material you want to learn in the
way you want to learn it. The “new education” is
achieved with condensed, relevant, high-quality
courses -- like the ones Automated Design Systems
has been offering for years!